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Here is what some of our clients have to say about us:

“Going to Medicine Yoga and Qigong is the highlight of my week. I want to be there come rain or snow.”

“i’ve been practicing yoga and Qigong with Barb for almost a year now.  I have several injuries which affect the joint mobility in my knee and ankle and I suffered from chronic hip and shoulder pain before I started taking her classes. I can’t say enough about the therapeutic value Barb’s instruction has had for me.  I have greatly increased my flexibility, especially in the shoulders and eliminated my chronic pain.  Barb’s instruction is precise and she intersperses instructions for doing the exercises or poses with valuable jewels of knowledge from Chinese medicine.  Her descriptions of anatomy and physiology really help her students understand their bodies and how to help them heal and thrive.  I am thankful to Barb every day for her gentle heart.  She has taught me to exert “burning effort without injury”, her words which echo in my head not just in my practice but in every aspect of my life.  Heather” 

 “I’ve been taking yoga classes off and on for over thirty years and never stayed with any one program or teacher. I’ve been attending medicine yoga weekly with Barbara for almost four years now. She is definitely the best teacher I’ve had. Medicine yoga is different from other classes i have taken. It prepares our bodies to move safely into more advanced postures through targeted movement and using the principal of effortless practice. Barbara really understands the human body and because of this she is able to individualize the practice to meet the needs of people in the class. Since I have progressive neurological disease I’m not always able to do all the postures but Barbara is wonderful at helping me make modifications. I really feel without medicine yoga I would not be able to stay as active and strong as I am. She helps people in the class who may be rehabbing from an injury, illness or just a common cramp or sore muscle to get the full benefit of each of the exercises in a safe and efficient manner and teaches how best to practice at home. Barbara loves sharing her knowledge with her class. She’s funny and fun and makes each class so enjoyable that her students hate to miss even one.  Linda

“I have been regularly attending Barbara’s yoga classes for the past 5 months. In as little as the first 6 weeks, my flexibility improved significantly. Specifically my neck, shoulder, back and knees feel much better and relaxed as a result of going to her classes. Barbara has a thorough understanding of the human anatomy, its intricate inter-connections and the beneficial effects various yogic movements and postures bring to different body parts. She is totally committed to sharing this knowledge and helping her students derive the full benefit of practicing yoga –Prãna

“I do not think I am able to put into words my admiration and gratitude to Barbara. She is a wonderful, knowledgeable teacher, and a compassionate human being.I love the depth of her instructions. The classes may seem easy at first but the intricacies and nuances can make them challenging. But no worries – you do what your body lets you, there is no pressure from Barbara.Barbara’s style is organized, thought-out and yet relaxed (and relaxing).
She teaches you how to move, think and act not just in the studio but in the real world.I feel very privileged to be learning both yoga and Qigong from her.Thank you, Barbara! Mariola

“I have been taking yoga classes with Barbara for years.  I love the way Barbara teaches.  We do a lot of work on our joints, from the feet up to the neck.  After her class I feel like my body has been lubricated and is ready for another week.

Barbara has an extensive knowledge of the body, of  the muscles and tendons and the pressure points that affect the organs.  She always checks in with us to see if we are having any problems and she then incorporates exercises that address the problem.  We have a very small class but Barbara has come even when there was only one student — she is totally committed to her practice.  We are very fortunate to have her for our instructor. Lois 


 I have known Barbara for over a year now. The first time I took her therapeutic Yoga class, I was quite overwhelmed by the work out. I could not keep up with the intensity and the demands she made on us. But with each class, I was getting stronger, as Barbara was able to motivate me to work harder on each body part. Soon, I felt one with her flow and intensity. Soon, I tried out Qigong too. I was tired and could not cope with two classes back to back and not convinced at first. But when I tried it a few times, I was sold on the fact that we can actually heal our body from within and without with the Chinese healing methods which Barbara has mastered and explains so patiently each class. Barbara is an embodiment of Patience and Love.
Barbara is a living testimony of what we can do ourselves to heal our own bodies of toxins, of chronic ailments, and prevent premature onset of many diseases. 
 Each of her Medicine Yoga classes have been very popular, and everyone walks in eagerly to be with the master, for an hour and fifteen minutes or more.  
Barbara’s presence and energy is so strong and constant, unflailing from beginning to the end.
Barbara’s experience in healing and her understanding of how the body works, is very thorough and at the same time very intuitive too. 
 Going to Medicine Yoga and Qigong is the highlight of my week. I want to be there come rain or snow.
I go with low energy many times, but come out feeling uplifted, emotionally, physically and mentally too.
With a lot of ups and downs in my life on a daily basis, Barbara is like a life savior for me and for others, healing us naturally, with our own body weight, with innovative movements that isolate the various muscles, and joints, and fascia, and opening up the energy meridians, thereby energizing even the vital organs.
 Barbara is a Modern day healer who has understood the inner workings of the body, along with the ability to dig deep into the old traditional practices of Yoga and Chinese medicine, enabling her to cull its essence and share it with all.
Barbara is a true blessing in our lives and to the community and she is a Guru who removes ignorance and enlightens us each time, making us wiser and spreading good health and ananda.
On the occasion of Vijaya Dashami on Oct 13, I offer my pranams to Barbara, a true Yogi. Prema”  

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